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Madurai Non formal Education Centre (MNEC) is a Government approved Social Service Organization, constituted on 11th August, 1983 at Madurai, in Tamilnadu, India.

MNEC resolves activities among the grass root level poor, who languish in the urban slums and rural areas in the state, humanizing them towards socio-economic and political empowerment and strives for equality, peace and social justice.

National and international human development is the utmost concern of MNEC.


"Achieving sustainable human development and equality."

Target Area

Urban Slums and Rural areas in Tamilnadu State and Other States in India


  • Emancipating the poor from the impediment of illiteracy and ignorance.        
  • Promoting sustainable socio economic and political livelihood.
  • Facilitating Micro Credit support for the vulnerable poor from banks and financial institution, besides Micro Credit Lending by MNEC
  • Working for socio economic development of farmers in villages and promoting agro farming and conserving environment.
  • Orienting awareness on Community Health care means and HIV/AIDS prevention and control and on Care & Support to People Living with HIV/AIDs (PLHAs)
  • Working against Violations of Human Rights and upholding Women and Child Rights.
  • Striving for integration, peace, equality and justice.
  • Extending help to victims during natural catastrophe.
  • Undertaking Government Rehabilitation, Welfare and Survey Work Projects.
  • Coordinating National & International Level Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network.
  • Functioning a resource centre for researchers, scholars and for exposure and studies.

Target People

  • Urban Slum and Rural poor,  
  • The Women & Children, 
  • The destitute, the Aged and the Physically Challenged,
  • Child Labours, 
  • The Adolescent,
  • Labours in Unorganized sector  & Industrial Workers, 
  • People Living with HIV AIDS,
  • Agri Based Farmers and Ryots,
  • The Dalit.
  • Minority Women
  • Handicrafts Artisans

Highlight on SHG

SHG Formed 2093
SHG Members – Women 31,996
Total Savings Rs.  7  Crores
Bank Loan Availed Rs.  18 Crores (Average)