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Women Rights & Security

It is of paramount importance to secure the rights and lives of women, poor women and young girls and this mission is executed through providing Para Legal Orientation and Capacity Building Training to women and the adolescent girls in SHGs, orienting basic knowledge on resorting to free legal aid, support and to protect and safeguard their rights against violence and atrocity.

Information about the following are passed on to the participants either as class room sessions, group discussions, role-plays or video shows: 

  1. Legal procedures and enactment of laws safeguarding women rights against  violence and atrocity, SC / ST Prevention of Violence and Atrocity Act - 1987, Domestic Violence Act – 2005, Property Inheritance Act, Family in laws act, Women Wages Act, Family Court – Lok Adalat  are explained. 
  2. Various machineries/ organs of the justice delivery system available for recovery of legal problems/ grievances
  1. The procedure of approaching and utilizing various channels available for redressing of grievances i.e., the police, the executive and the judiciary.
  2. The role of courts in achieving gender equality, most importantly the concept of public interest litigation.
  3. The role of district legal service authority free legal aid Lok Adalats.
  4. To sensitize women and girls about their rights as provided in the various laws set for them by using as reference guide.
  5. Visits to Police Stations, judicial courts are organized.

A Public Program / Police Camp on Violence against Women

Support service is extended to the affected and hapless women through services of Women Police Stations in Madurai, solving their issues and extending family counseling to the afflicted.

MNEC and the Women Police Department conduct ‘Mobile Camps’ on ‘Women Counseling’ in various areas of Madurai where poor women with issues and grievance are directly intervened and various actions are taken out immediately towards redressing grievance and  protecting the safety of women.

Friends of Police – Women

Recognizing the need for an interaction between Police and Public for maintaining Law and Order in the society and conducting effective prevention and detection of crimes, "Friends of Police" (FOP) is formed. FOP provides opportunities for an ordinary women to contribute to crime prevention.  Woman who is not involved in a civil or criminal case, can become a member of FOP, over 386 trained women have been serving as Friends of Police.