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Mahalir Thittam – Poor Women Empowerment Project towards poverty alleviation

Under the theme “Mahalir Thittam” – Women Empowerment, socially and economically downtrodden poor women at 5 Blocks in the rural and slum areas and at 100 Wards in Madurai Corporation are identified and integrated into a form of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and the members have been imparted with different trainings for improving their innate talents and the tarnished socio-economic status, since 1999 supported by Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women Development Ltd, of Govt. of Tamilnadu.

1.  SHG Formation and Training   
2.  Leadership Training
3.  Entrepreneurship Development Training
4.  Micro Credit Linkage
5.  Block Level Coordination Committee Meeting

The members under Mahalir Thittam have the benefit of ATM with the Bank on Bio-metric system.  Beneficiaries make use of the credit linkage from the bank for improving their various self employment opportunities and improve their monthly income from Rs.3,000/- to Rs.7,500/-.

No. of SHGs formed - 1767
No. of women members -


Conducting Block Level Co- ordination Committee meeting.

Regional level meetings are conducted among the area Coordinators every month. Development activities of SHGs and doubts are clarified and discussed. Updated information on new groups is discussed and needed resolutions are passed towards better functioning of SHGs.  Government personnel and Bank Branch Managers are invited as resource persons for improving the activities of leaders and SHGs as well.