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Rural Development

Towards the Dalit empowerment

The Dalit women at villages in Madurai District are identified and united in to Self Help Groups (SHGs). They are empowered through Income Generation, Leadership, Capacity Building and Legal Awareness Training and General Community Health Awareness programs. The trained SHG Women lobby the Government personnel and access needed basic amenities. 

Legal procedures and enactment of laws safeguarding women rights against  violence and atrocity, SC / ST Prevention of Violence and Atrocity Act - 1987, Domestic Violence Act – 2005, Property Inheritance Act, Family in laws act, Women Wages Act, Family Court – Lok Adalat  are explained. 

Dalit Women in SHGs are given monitory assistance for goat rearing and for improving family income.    Evening tuition is conducted all school going dalit children and they are encouraged by exposure visit.


Lifelong Learning for rural women & ryots

Lifelong Learning of new information and the communication technologies is set out to connect the rural women in Self Help Groups to attract significant interest through “Voice Mail”, SMS, Telephone Massage” and “Tough Screen option” for improving association and creating rural vision for development.

Learning on agro farming, environmental protection, weather forecast, marker price of agri produce, prevailing diseases on live stock, Micro –enterprises, health care, women & child development, micro-financing, legal remedies and to access immediate communication.

For the purpose each member is provided with a Mobile phone.

Improving social awareness and economic livelihood of farmers in villages.

Following all the activities concerning the rural poor:

  • Forming Women Self Help Group of farmers and agri ryots. Conducting farmers meeting on accessing support from Government plans and schemes and other issues.
  • Promoting linkage with Agri Department / Govt. dept – NABARD and DRDA and opening Agri Clinic.
  • Orienting facts on inter cropping, maintaining  Seed Banking,  using natural manure, cropping  against climate change, water shed management and rain water harvesting, kitchen garden,  benefits of large scale farming through organic process and life stock management.
  • Orientation on Environment Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Promoting tree plantation by students and women