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Relief & rehabilitation measures for victims of natural calamities

Tsunami Relief Work in 2004

The extent of devastation wreaked by Tsunami on December 26, 2004 could never be described in words. 35 members of Staff of MNEC, Activists of other NGOs and the members of the Federation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) traveled to Cuddalore, Nagappatinam, Velankanni, Sirkazhi, Chidambaram, Poombukar and to Southern end of Kanyakumari to capture the pain and despair of the tragedy and to console those members of the victims by words and deeds.  MNEC made the utmost effort to stretch helping hands to the victims.


Relief work extended to victims by flood in Madurai in 2005

Tamilnadu experienced heavy showers of rain on November, 2005 due to the depression that prevailed in the Bay of Bengal. More than a week most part of Tamilnadu were battered by flash of flood.  Out of the affected areas, the target slums of MNEC were also severely affected and damaged. They were Ganeshapuram, Tagore Nagar, Packianathapuram, Kanmaai Karai, Sathya Nagar, Meenakshipuram, Sellur, Narimedu, Kattabhoman Nagar, Sekilar Veethi, Pudur, and Koodal Pudur of North Block of Madurai District.

At this juncture of contingency MNEC team rushed to the rain ravaged areas. The people at the spot were stranded and alarmed craving for food and shelter. Over 1000 families were deserted and were found desperate.   MNEC provided the following - a Kerosene Stoves, Rice bags, Domestic utensils, Mat and a bed sheet, which were found the quite essential to the victim families. Further MNEC went to the affected areas to provide medicine and conducted Special Medical Camps in the affected slums.