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HIV/AIDS Intervention

HIV AIDS Prevention & Control Awareness for Scavengers and Sweepers in Madurai Slums through project activities –  in 1997 & 1998

Industrial Intervention Project (IIP) - 2005 – 2008.

Industrial Intervention Project (IIP) on STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control among Workers in the industries in Madurai District, on reducing Sexually Transmitting Infection (STI) and creating awareness on the Prevention and Control of STI/HIV/AIDS -   supported by AIDS Prevention and Control Project (APAC) / The Voluntary Health Services (VHS) / United States Agency on International Development (USAID) / Chennai.



Major Project activities:

Orientation Program
Basic information about STI/HIV/AIDS are explained to the Industrial workers at the premises of industries

Interpersonal Communication (IPC)
In order to bring out a behavior change ONE to ONE intervention is initiated by the Out-Reach Worker (ORW) with an industrial worker.  STI/HIV/AIDS and up to date information on safer sex are well explained.  Myths and misconceptions are cleared.

One to One  & One to Group  
An enabling environment is created in the group meetings with the industrial workers who could voice their issues on sexual behaviors, myths and misconception, condom use and primarily of the health collective solutions.

A Counsellor from MNEC is sent to industries. Workers who have their ambiguity on sexuality and doubts on infection are met there. Explanation is provided to workers clearing doubts and Myths and Misconception.  They are advised of the means of safe sex and of the protected sexuality avoiding Sexually Transmitted Infection.  The infected workers are counseled to undergo treatment and to have good nourishment.

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)
Exhibitions are conducted displaying pictures on thematic explanation about STI/HIV/AIDs. They are arranged in industries under Project intervention places where the public meet and also during special days of commemoration.

Cultural Program - Street Play
The Peer Educators, who are trained at Street Play Training Centre, have developed an exclusive Cultural Team and have conducted STI/HIV/AIDS Awareness plays at the residential colonies of the industrial workers.

The HRDs and the Management have created a Network among them and help in developing 'HIV Policy' in their respective industries.

Peer Educators Training
The selected Peer Educators and thematic IIP NGO Staff were given training by the concerned Doctors and Trainers for 4 days at MNEC Training Centre, in Madurai.

Trade Union Leaders Sensitization Program on HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control – Care and Support to PLHAs
404 Trade Union Leaders from different Trade Unions of different Industries in Madurai District were sensitized in the understanding of HIV/AIDS, upgrading the basic knowledge on STI roots of transmission and measures of protection and to strengthen their capacity effectively to integrate HIV/AIDS education in the ongoing activities of Trade Unions.

A CD on the Right Ranga Program of State Level Communication Campaign was handed over to Dr. P. Manoharan, Executive Director, MNEC by Dr. N.S. Murali, Hon. Secretary, APAC-VHS Chennai.


State Level Communication Campaign on HIV/AIDS (SLCC) named “Right Ranga”- in 2006 in all Districts of Tamil nadu State.

The 'Right Ranga' Awareness Campaign was carried out under the direct initiatives of MNEC in 15 villages of Sivagangai District, aiming at disseminating complete information and setting out the prevailing myths and misconceptions on HIV/AIDS - A joint Endeavour of MNEC - APAC -VHS - USAID.

World AIDS Day

Worlds AIDs Day is conducted every year on 1st December gathering PLHAs, women in SHGs, women leaders, NGOs and MNEC Staff. Pledge is administered by the participant to end stigma, towards zero discrimination and for 




  • Helping people work against stigma and discrimination,
  • Teaching and equipping people to prevent the spread of HIV,
  • Providing home-based care to people living with the disease,
  • Preventing the spread of HIV from mother to child,
  • Providing access to HIV counseling and testing in remote areas,
  • Supporting grandmothers and other people caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

MNEC sharing National Issues
State / National  Level Planning, Campaigns, Seminar, Workshops are conducted, and participated  by MNEC focusing common and national  issues on Environment Conservation, Eradication of using Tobacco, HIV/AIDS prevention, protesting  against  Domestic Violence and women atrocity.